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At the NC Detective Agency, you may use either a personal, or company provided firearms

Will you provide your own firearm or need a company issued firearm?

By PPS Law, handguns must be 9x19mm, 357SIG, 40, or 45 caliber; if using a personal firearm, which caliber?

How did you hear about the N.C. Detective Agency?

Please list any prior experience that you feel better prepares you for a position with the N.C. Detective Agency; also include any past or current certifications if any. Prior experience is not required to apply.

All information provided to N.C. Detective Agency will be kept confidential and upon contact, held for a 30 day period before being removed from our records. You will be contacted within 3 business days upon submission to receive our full application packet and setup an interview; all applicants will be required to pass a background investigation as well as drug screening before being hired.